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Kukarekino Food Festival

The festival symbols – Krasavchik the Rooster, Ko-Ko the Egg, and Jacqueline the Hen - will welcome the guests and treat with traditional and unusual egg dishes. Fried eggs and omelet are just starter

Kursk Korenskaya Fair

One of the main tourist events in the Kursk region is the interregional wholesale and retail fair "Kursk Korenskaya", which has been held annually since 2001. Courtyards of the Kursk region, exhibitio

Vishnevarovo Festival

The name of the festival comes from the symbol of Uvarovo – a cherry tree. Uvarovo lands have always been famous for its cherry orchards. During the holidays, the symbol of the festival is not there

Raspberry Festival

Since ancient times the village of Novosyolki has been called the capital of the raspberry kingdom. Local raspberry is big, very sweet. The celebration of the traditional holiday devoted to raspberry


July 18 Kamensk-Uralsky Square in front of the Sovremennik Palace of Culture 133 Lermontov Street Russian Food & Folk Games. A Circle Dance & Ditty Contest Get to know how to cook a popular summer sou

Russian Tea Festival

Tea time is one of the most magic old traditions. It is the best time to have a heart to heart conversation and bond with each other to the puffs of a samovar. Gavrilovka district has long been known

The Cake Festival

The Cake Festival welcomes all the pastry fans. Local chefs will introduce their best creations: classical large Russian cakes, pies cooked to order, opened and closed cakes with various fillings, fri

Ptichy Dvor Festival

Poultry farming is one of the most popular branches in the household economics of Tokaryovka district. Here they farm chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys. Besides the traditional poultry breeds, farme

Fruit Vernissage Festival

Back in the middle of the 19th century, the descendants of the Oblov family planted the first apple orchards and strawberry plantations where a company specializing in growing various fruits and berri

Sugar Festivities

Sugar festivities will be held in the sweetest part of the Tambov region – Pryamitsa settlement. One of the oldest sugar factories in the region is located here. The area is surrounded by the fields o

«Delicious city»

Ice cream, burgers, pies, cakes, candies, cocktails, pastries, sausages, potato slapjacks, grilled meat, donuts, cotton candy - it’s only a small part of the festival's assortment. «Delicious city» fe