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Ukha Tsaritsa» festival

Fish soup was always considered in Russia as the queen of soups and became a national dish. There are many recipes of fish soup, «the queen fish soup» is especially popular. And the Siberian white sal

Michurinsk Apple Festival

Thanks to the number of apple gardens and the love of the locals for apples, Michurinsk can be called an apple capital of Russia. Michurinsk Apple Festival is an annual event honoring the achievements

Regional Milk Festival

V Regional Milk Festival offers loads of food and fun for people of all ages. Events will include a cow-parade, food, games, petting zoo, entertainment, shopping and much more on the first Saturday of

Pumpkin paradise

The branded event "Pumpkin paradise" in the territory of the Safonovsky settlement is chosen not accidentally. According to a legend, pumpkin saved inhabitants from hunger in 1893. Since then this veg