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Fisherman’s Day

Fisherman’s Day is held to honor fishermen and to celebrate the Fisherman’s Day in the main city square with live music, games and sports competitions. Also one can enjoy eating tasty fish soup served

Shuya Soap Fest

Shuya Soap Fest Shuya was known by its soapmakers even in 17th century. From that time Shuya has a golden piece of soap depicted on its emblem. Shuya Soap Fest was created 10 years ago in 2009 It keep

Russian Sarafan Holiday

The idea of the holiday is simple and clear to everyone - no matter how hard Russians try to keep up with the fast pace of the modern world and follow fashion trends in clothes, Russian soul still rem

Festival «Gingerbread day»

In 2020 the 5th anniversary All-Russian festival «Gingerbread day» will be held. The event will take the form of extensive celebration dedicated to an ancient Russian treat. Every year the festival at

The “Emerald City”

Nowadays, Tomsk can once again prove the right to be truly called the “Emerald City”, because on its map and in the annals of events there was a new bright stop - “EMERALD CARNIVAL OF THE CITY GARDEN.

Sugar Festivities

Sugar festivities will be held in the sweetest part of the Tambov region – Pryamitsa settlement. One of the oldest sugar factories in the region is located here. The area is surrounded by the fields o