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Youth Day

Youth Day is an annual festival at the Darwin Museum. Not all visitors know that the open roof is the most casual place at the Darwin Museum. On Youth Day, the museum roof is transformed into a popula

Traditional Tikhvin fair

Every year in the Kuznetsky district of the Penza region, the Tikhvin Fair is held, a folk festival beloved by the people. On the territory of the fair, guests will find a large number of creative ve

Russian Tea Festival

Tea time is one of the most magic old traditions. It is the best time to have a heart to heart conversation and bond with each other to the puffs of a samovar. Gavrilovka district has long been known

Viva Lefkadia

Viva Lefkadia is an annual celebration of the collaboration of the culture of the Krasnodar Territory and the uniqueness of iconic and exclusive cars and motorcycles. For exactly one day a year, the s

Russian Sarafan Holiday

The idea of the holiday is simple and clear to everyone - no matter how hard Russians try to keep up with the fast pace of the modern world and follow fashion trends in clothes, Russian soul still rem

Mammoth Day

For the first time, «Mammoth Day» took place on the territory of the Usolsky district in August 2018 in the village of Malta, at the territory where one of the largest ancient man`s sites was discover

Okrasheno Sheregesh

"Okrasheno" Existing objects/buildings/buildings within the framework of the events turn into real visual magnets that delight visitors in many aspects, viruses on the Internet, turn into merchandise