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III Redhead Festival

Red – Headed city Festival in Nizhniy Tagil The Red- Headed day You have flame-colored hair fanny flecks on the face red beard you prefer tinger of orange for your clothes your pet is red and your ch

Navy Day In St.Petersburg

The idea of ​​holding the parade of 2018 from the Naval High Command did not come. For the first time the Main Naval Parade was held in St. Petersburg in 2017. In the dynamic part of the parade, more

Honey holiday "Baly-Tau"

Beekeeping has long been the main hobby of the residents of Baltay.The honey festival is a great event of tourism. The Central place of the festival is the tea zone, where you can enjoy free herbal te

Avgustovskiye Spasy

At the summer sundown there will be colorful festivities in honor of the Medovyy, Yablochnyy and Orechovyy (Hlebnyy) Spasyin Yalutorovskiy Ostrog. Creative groups performances, honey and apple tasting

Diamond week of Yakutia

Now Yakutia is the world's only region where a full work cycle of production of diamond items is performed: here they are extracted, sorted, faceted, and the final product is made. To popularize the g

Michurinsk Apple Festival

Thanks to the number of apple gardens and the love of the locals for apples, Michurinsk can be called an apple capital of Russia. Michurinsk Apple Festival is an annual event honoring the achievements

Bread festival

The "Bread festival" in the museum "Malye Korely" will remind you about the traditions, associated with bread. The main events will be held near the working mill from Kalgachikha village. The guests w

Pumpkin paradise

The branded event "Pumpkin paradise" in the territory of the Safonovsky settlement is chosen not accidentally. According to a legend, pumpkin saved inhabitants from hunger in 1893. Since then this veg