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Chaga Bairam is a New Year celebration according to the moon calendar. In 2012 this holiday regarded as a republic one. The holiday is celebrated with worshiping of Altai, people’s revelry and also in

Kozel festival

Kozel (goat) festival is a lively farewell to winter in celebrated by Russian traditions. Among the festival celebrations are the town trade fair where visitors can purchase anything they want or just

Pomor Shrovetide

The "Pomor Shrovetide" is the most popular holiday on the territory of the museum of wooden architecture and folk art "Malye Korely". You can take part in the oldest traditional entertainments of the

Primrose Day

The park of the Zagryazhsky-Stroganovs’ estate is famous for its incredible beauty in spring season. Every year in April the park is carpeted with millions of Siberian squill bluebells that create fan

The Day of Herring

The World Ocean Museum celebrates its birthday and invites to the Day of Herring! The scientific and research vessel (SRV) “Vityazy”, by which the museum was started, also marks its anniversary: on A

Krasnaya Gorka

The world yaishnya of 1 000 eggs will be cooked in Yalutorovsk for the "KrasnayaGorka". The public festival "Krasnaya Gorka", one of the most anticipated events in the tourist city of Yalutorovsk will


On the Orthodox holiday of the Holy Trinity in the village Samoryadovo "in Russian" widely held festivities called "Levada" in compliance with the customs of a distant past. Here you can find the conn


Cooking meat on skewers or grills have become an integral part of visits to the country by family or friendly company. Competition, who is better controlled with Masai, fish and an open fire, traditio