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Pancake week carrousel

Guests are kindly invited to celebrate Pancake Week in the country estate of the Hero of the Patriotic War (1812) Major General Alexey Voyeykov. In this old park, they will remember the traditions of

Felt Boot Festival

A felt boot is a special item for a Russian. Valenki (felt boots) used to be worn in order of precedence, inherited, and told fortune on. Seamless boots were popular among boyars and peasants. At the

The holiday of the hunter

For centuries, hunting was a traditional activity of the peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East. For some individual peoples of Russia, hunting remains the main source of livelihood to this da

Chyl Pazy

Chyl Pazy is one of the major calendar events for the Khakassian people. Chyl Pazy is celebrated annual after the spring equinox on March 22. The meeting of the New Year in spring, not in winter as in

The Herring’s day

Traditional city holiday herring Day will be celebrated in Kaliningrad on the quay of historical fleet of the Museum of the World Ocean. Herring day is celebrated in Kaliningrad since 2005. The holid

Lilac Night Festival

On May days Rakhmaninov’s Museum-Estate “Ivanovka” becomes a tourist Mecca because of the incredible beauty of the blooming lilac nursery. The composer’s beloved lilac bushes, scattered all over the e

Kukarekino Food Festival

The festival symbols – Krasavchik the Rooster, Ko-Ko the Egg, and Jacqueline the Hen - will welcome the guests and treat with traditional and unusual egg dishes. Fried eggs and omelet are just starter

First Fish Day

The First Fish Day has become an official holiday of the Kamchatka Territory since 2010. This is a traditional rite, when the aborigines meet the first salmon. Indigenous people “lure” the fish into t