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Tatar Sabantuy

Engurazovo village is truly unique among hundreds of other Tambov centers of the population. Distant from the city centers and railroads, steppe Engurazovo is a kind of a Tatar-Muslim island. In the e

Vishnevarovo Festival

The name of the festival originates from the symbol of Uvarovo – cherry. Uvarovo land has been famous for its cherry orchards since ancient times. On the festival days the symbol can be seen not only

Starry Night Festival

The Starry Night is a summer festival at Rakhmaninov’s country estate. On this nice and warm summer evening, you will have a great time visiting the open-air exhibitions, presentations and concerts.

Craft Cheese Festival

The area known as Pritamboviye (Tambov suburbs) has always been famous for its natural beauty which makes it a perfect location for the festival of flavors and gastronomic delicacies. The Cheese Festi

Bondari Carousel Fair

Boisterous and cheerful Bondari Carousel fair is held in the center of Bondari village. Bondari is an old craftsman’s village where folk trades and useful arts have been thriving since the ancient tim

The Cake Festival

The Cake Festival welcomes all the pastry fans. Local chefs will introduce their best creations: classical large Russian cakes, pies cooked to order, opened and closed cakes with various fillings, fri

Russian Sarafan Holiday

The idea of the holiday is simple and clear to everyone - no matter how hard Russians try to keep up with the fast pace of the modern world and follow fashion trends in clothes, Russian soul still rem

Russian Tea Festival

Poultry farming is one of the most popular branches in the household economics of Tokaryovka district. Here they farm chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys. Besides the traditional poultry breeds, farme

Fruit Festival Vernisage

Back in the middle of the 19th century, the first apple orchards and strawberry plantations were planted by people from the ancient Oblov family in Dubovoye and today there is an enterprise specializi

The Sock Festival

Knitting is an old traditional trade in Rasskazovo. Local knitted products are considered to be a symbol of the town, that’s why citizens celebrate the Sock Festival. Socks are going to be honored in

Sugar Festivities

Sugar festivities will be held in the sweetest part of the Tambov region – Pryamitsa settlement. One of the oldest sugar factories in the region is located here. The area is surrounded by the fields o