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Fruit Vernissage Festival

Back in the middle of the 19th century, the descendants of the Oblov family planted the first apple orchards and strawberry plantations where a company specializing in growing various fruits and berri

Russian Savior Festival

August in Russia is a generous month. The most favorite religious holidays are celebrated in August: Savior of the Honey, Savior of the Apple and Savior of the Nut Feast Days. Isn’t it a marvelous opp

Sugar Festivities

Sugar festivities will be held in the sweetest part of the Tambov region – Pryamitsa settlement. One of the oldest sugar factories in the region is located here. The area is surrounded by the fields o

Felt Boot Festival

A felt boot is a special item for a Russian. Valenki (felt boots) used to be worn in order of precedence, inherited, and told fortune on. Seamless boots were popular among boyars and peasants. At the