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Kaleidoscope of Taste

Simple and sophisticated dishes, special modern delights, the traditional cuisine of indigenous peoples of Leningrad Oblast, the delicious aroma and abundance of culinary products. All of these make u

Gingerbread Day Festival

Where: Tula Kremlin The sweetest summer festival Gingerbread Day will take place in the Tula Kremlin. This is one amazing big tour to the Gingerbread world with pieces of art, entertainments for chil

Holiday Pomeranian Roe

Rural feast dedicated to the Pomor kozuli is an ancient ritual liver from rye dough, which was baked from the XII century. The festival introduces the history and legends of the Tersky coast. In the p

Forum of Ancient Cities

For a few days in August, Ryazan will become the capital of ancient cities that are over 500 years old. The city centre will turn into a large festival venue with symbolic embassies, theatres and open

Svenskaya Fair

Svenskaya Fair, well-known since the 17th century, was revamped in 2005. Nowadays it only lasts one day as opposed to a month. However, as in the olden days, there are still numerous types of goods on