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Cadet Symphony Festival

When: 23–27 May 2019 Where: the town of Uvarovo, Ivanovka, the museum-estate of S. V. Rachmaninoff The eventful festival program spams five days. Traditionally the festival starts with a parade of c

V-ROX EХPO Festival

Where: across more than 20 venues in Vladivostok A cultural event of Vladivostok. The festival’s program includes street art, music, gastronomy, and sports, as well as blockchain, crowdfunding platfo

Bezhin Lea Festival

Where: Regional Historical-Cultural and Natural Preserve ‘Ivan Turgenev museum ‘Bezhin Lea’ (Turgenevo village, Chern district, Tula region) The lea near Snezhed River turns into a stage and slopes o

Kaleidoscope of Taste

Simple and sophisticated dishes, special modern delights, the traditional cuisine of indigenous peoples of Leningrad Oblast, the delicious aroma and abundance of culinary products. All of these make u

Gingerbread Day Festival

Where: Tula Kremlin The sweetest summer festival Gingerbread Day will take place in the Tula Kremlin. This is one amazing big tour to the Gingerbread world with pieces of art, entertainments for chil

Holiday Pomeranian Roe

Rural feast dedicated to the Pomor kozuli is an ancient ritual liver from rye dough, which was baked from the XII century. The festival introduces the history and legends of the Tersky coast. In the p