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Ashberry folk festival

In the current September in the town Yuriev-Polsky, Vladimir region there was the second interregional festival of folk creation «Ashberry folk festival». In this festival took part the creative teams

New Wave

New Wave is an international contest for young performers of popular music founded in 2002 by the Russian composer Igor Krutoy and Latvian pianist and composer Raimonds Pauls and later enhanced by the

Kruzhilinskie Toloki

It is absolutely definite that few of us have ever had a chance to mow with a scythe or experience an oxen plowing, grind flour with millstones or make jam of water-melons in the field. Has anyone tri

Diamond week of Yakutia

Now Yakutia is the world's only region where a full work cycle of production of diamond items is performed: here they are extracted, sorted, faceted, and the final product is made. To popularize the g

Michurinsk Apple Festival

Thanks to the number of apple gardens and the love of the locals for apples, Michurinsk can be called an apple capital of Russia. Michurinsk Apple Festival is an annual event honoring the achievements

«The book festival»

The book festival made the conquest of citizens and visitors of the city. For 3 days a 1000-meter tent on the central square turns into an intellectual field filled with books, bright events and inter

Regional Milk Festival

V Regional Milk Festival offers loads of food and fun for people of all ages. Events will include a cow-parade, food, games, petting zoo, entertainment, shopping and much more on the first Saturday of

Water Assembly

Date: September 9, 2018 Location: Kaliningrad, the Sea Port Administration and the Museum of the World Ocean, both on Naberezhnaya Petra Velikogo Str. On September 9 the Museum of the World Ocean in