Yohor is an ancient circular dance depicting a solar circle, which had an important ritual significance among the Buryat tribes. 

Dancing Yohor, people are immersed in a completely new atmosphere of spiritual unity for them; it is accompanied by a chant of participants. The dance itself is not complicated, but all its power is in the energy sector, when, holding hands and moving in a circle of the sun, the participants are united by a feeling of unity and friendship. 

For the first time the cultural project was presented in the festival format in July 2008 and with great success was held on the territory of the Ethnographic Museum of the Transbaikal peoples. 

The mission and purpose of the event: popularization and preservation of the unique cultural heritage - the Yohor dance, the creation of a new format for leisure activities for the population in the new economic conditions. 

The festival program "Nights of Yohor" consists of several parts. The competitive program includes the participation of amateur and professional groups from all regions of Buryatia, as well as representatives of the Irkutsk region and the Trans-Baikal Territory, representatives of Buryat communities from Neryungri (Yakutia), Hohhoto (China), Kyiv (Ukraine). Annually it is about 10 collectives. Traditionally, the winners are determined by a competent jury composed of famous musicians, composers, actors, scientists and artists. 

For ten years the artists of the Baikal Theater have been conducting master classes on the correct execution of the yohors. Several thousand spectators learn not only to dance yohor, but also to sing. 

The climax of the festival is the lighting of a large fire, around which spectators form a huge "lively" circle. 

The festival "Night of Yohor-2018" will be held on July, 14-15 at Etnografic museum Ulan-Ude