khanty-Mansiysk is sparkling bright capital of Ugra. Modern, stylish and extremely beautiful city. This is face of Ugra, centre of business, science, culture, world capital of sports, great winter resort, the region of Northern exotica.

This is a city with rich history, traditions, unique natural landscapes. Built on 7 holly hills Khanty-Mansiysk today seems to be in two dimensions. You will find wooden houses neighbouring modern architecture. Almost half of the territory is taken by "Samarovskiy chugas" - an untouched corner of Siberian taiga with ancient cedars.

The city is surrounded by the Irtysh and is located in 20 km away from the Ob and the Irtysh confluence.

Winter is the best time for visiting Khanty-Mansiysk. From 2013 Khanty-Mansiysk turns into the New year capital of Ugra. Annually the city prepares a lot of entertainment events and presents a unique opportunity to have a real Siberian New Year.

Atmosphere of the holiday is all over the city. One of the biggest events of the project became All Russian meeting of Grandpa Frosts and Snowmaidens that every year gathers over 50 fairy-tale characters and start a project.

During first days of the prokect you will be able to participate in valenki race, sauna festival, cranberry fest.

Admirers of active sports are welcome to the icerink! And those who wish to learn skiing or snowboarding may do it during New year holidays. The best skiing complexes and tubings are expecting the guests.

One of the most expected events usually becomes a snow rally on snow machines and mountain bikes.

For art admirers museums and galleries of the city are open during holidays. A lot of events are set up especially for children.

Apart from everything else khanty-Mansiysk is famous for its white snow and association with nature. You may find squirells in the city and feed them.

It's impossible not to notice the ethnicity of Khanty-Mansiysk. One of the main attractions of Khanty-Mansiysk is Tippy street. You will not find anything like that anywhere in Russia. Hospitable representatives of indigineous peoples of the North - khanty and mansi, will take you on a deer ride, let you try national cuisine, acquint you with ethnic games and tribes. New year is the time for miracles and it means you may turn into a primal hunter for a few hours and start a journey to look for treasures.

Special attention is always paid to lightning of the city. The city is decorated in a unified style. The main colors are purple, blue and white. A snowflake became a new year symbol.

Come visit winter Khanty-Mansiysk and we promise you will be eager to come back!