Simple and sophisticated dishes, special modern delights, the traditional cuisine of indigenous peoples of Leningrad Oblast, the delicious aroma and abundance of culinary products. All of these make up the gastronomic Kaleidoscope of Taste Festival. You’ll be sure to find something that surprises you at the festival. Chefs will present all sorts of cooking options: salted, canned, fried, baked, sun-dried, smoked, dried foods, and much more.

Guests will have a chance to try some forgotten delicacies and savor the taste of national dishes belonging to indigenous peoples populating the Leningrad Oblast. Masters of national cuisines will reveal the secrets of cooking some traditional dishes and speak about centuries-old culinary traditions. Guests will enjoy an abundant program of cooking workshops, gastronomic competitions and quizzes to test their knowledge of the national cuisines of Leningrad Oblast’s indigenous populations.