The history of Pokrov trade fair dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The fair got its name from the name of the holiday – Protecting (Pokrov) Veil of the Mother of God – a special day for the town. On this day in 1637, the first in Tambov fortress church was sanctified. This event defines the time and venue of the trade fair – the closest to Pokrov holiday weekend and the most picturesque Tambov location – the riverside area near Intercession Cathedral. One can purchase goods to fit any taste – pastry and sausages, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and berries, pickles and spices, bee-farming products, seeds and planting stocks, feedstuff and fertilizers, drinks. Souvenirs and craftsmen’s goods are available here too. Folklore bands perform on stage. Peddlers, skomorokhs and barkers will be walking along the stalls advertising the goods and giving out souvenirs to the visitors.

Pokrov Fair is a lavish feast! Would you like a cup of tea from the tsar samovar? This is the right place to be! The important part of the fair is the holiday of Tambov potatoes. The potatoes are cooked and served to everyone. You can help yourself to delicious boiled and fried Tambov potatoes.

No one will be bored at the fair. Sports competitions, rides, petting zoo, master classes are just the least that Pokrov Fair can boast.