For the first time the Main Naval Parade was held in St. Petersburg in 2017. In the dynamic part of the parade, more than 40 ships of the Navy took part, more than 30 aircraft and helicopters, pedestrian calculations of the naval educational institutions of St. Petersburg. Twelve ships took part in the static part of the parade. The parade was hosted by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The flagship of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation - the heavy nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great and the strategic missile submarine Dmitry Donskoy arrived at the parade. Specially for participation in the parade, the ships made the transition from the permanent base in Severomorsk, passing the Barents, the Norwegian, Northern and Baltic Seas. The guests saw the cruiser "Marshal Ustinov", the large anti-submarine ship "Vice Admiral Kulakov", the frigates "Admiral Makarov" and "Admiral Gorshkov", the Corvette "Stoiky" and "Sobystvitelny", large amphibious ships "Minsk", "Ivan Gren" and Alexander Shabalin, small anti-submarine ships Urengoi, Zelenodolsk and Kazanets, miners Alexander Obukhov, RT-248 and BT-115, missile boats Chuvashia and Dimitrovgrad, small rocket ship "Geyser", landing craft "D-67", "D-1442" and anti-sabotage boats "Grachonok". The audience saw the colleagues of Dmitry Donskoy: the submarines of project 877 (Dmitrov, Vladikavkaz) and 636.3 (Kolpino, Veliky Novgorod). The sky was decorated with MiG-29K, Su-24M, Su-27, MiG-31, Su-30SM, Su-33K, Tu-142, Il-78, Tu-142M, Il-38, An-140, An-72, Be-12. Over the city, Mi-8, Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-52K, Mi-24VP helicopters were barraging. At Dvortsovoy, samples of weapons and military equipment that were in service with the Navy were demonstrated. After the parade, citizens could visit the ships of the Navy.

At the Palace Square music show was held.