The event takes place in the ethnic and ecological complex YASNA which is situated near the city of Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia. The complex is built around a sacred glade with a 400-year-old oak tree worshipped by the Chuvash people. The outstanding three-trunk oak is a true place of power.

The concept of the event corresponds to the traditions of the Chuvash New Year's holiday Surkhuri and goes deep into ancient times: folk festivals, performances, fortune-telling, ice-hills, ancient swings, national cuisine, crafts, presents. The key idea is revival of national traditions.

The main character of the event is Hel Muchi (Santa Clause); he plays ancient handmade musical instruments and conducts tutorials for guests. He is accompanied by heroes of Chuvash legends: Yur Pike (Snow Maiden) who conducts tutorials of snowflakes and runes making, Archiuri (Wood Spirit) who treats with herbal tea, Kamaka (Aunt Stove) who treats with national baking, etc.

The program varies depending on the age and status of guests. There are charity programs for boarding schools, social centers, families with many children, the disabled.

In 2017 Hel Muchi was among ten of the most visited Santa Clauses of Russia.

In 2018 Visiting Hel Muchi Route twice received the Grand Prix as the Best Children's Tourist Event and the Best Children's Tour Route.