The idea of the holiday is simple and clear to everyone - no matter how hard Russians try to keep up with the fast pace of the modern world and follow fashion trends in clothes, Russian soul still remembers its culture and strives for it. On the day of the event, the organizers are offering to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of ancestors and wear a traditional costume.

Dozens of amateur artists are going to perform and entertain the guests with their creativity on the day of the holiday. Such colorful and fascinating program will definitely impress the audience. A special area is going to be organized into a children's playground where animators will play with young guests. An exhibition of flower bouquets will be available at the festival as well as a fair of handicrafts and souvenirs. You will enjoy a variety of treats cooked according to old Russian recipes.

The concepts of "sarafan" (sleeveless dress worn by Russian peasant women) and "khorovod" (a combination of a circle dance and chorus singing) are inseparable in every Russian person’s mind. Thus, another special and fascinating feature of the program is going to be a khorovod danced by both program participants and guests.