For the first time, «Mammoth Day» took place on the territory of the Usolsky district in August 2018 in the village of Malta, at the territory where one of the largest ancient man`s sites was discovered in 1928. The event immediately gained great popularity and aroused interest among the residents of the region.

Guests of this holiday have a unique opportunity to plunge into the past several centuries ago. Get acquainted with unique archaeological finds: the tools of an ancient man, the skull of a woolly rhinoceros, part of the thigh and tusk of a mammoth, etc. At the master site, guests will have the opportunity to see the work of masters and artisans of the Usolsky district, participate in master classes, make souvenirs on their own under the guidance of masters - from clay, paper and other materials, as well as purchase souvenirs with the symbols of the Usolsky district, with the symbols of the event "Day mammoth." Everyone can enjoy meat dishes cooked on an open fire from products of local producers, atmospheric ethnic dances and defile in the costumes of an ancient man. Little guests of the holiday will have no time to be bored, competitions and fun games wait for them on the playground. Everyone is invited to the event without age restrictions. The entrance is free.