The main part of the ultramarathon takes place over two days. The race is a linear trail race over mountainous terrain. There are a total of four mountain routes on the programme.

On the first day, the runners cover the vertical kilometre, a distance of 8 km. From the Sobj railway station to the top of the Pour-Keu mountain.

On the second day there will be three main races of the Polar ultramarathon for 10, 30 and 50 kilometres. These are one common start and three split finishes.

The 10km run is called the Romantic Trail. Athletes will have to climb the Romantic Glacier and return back. Participants will get to see the pristine beauty of the glacier and enjoy incredible views of the mountains and valleys.

All courses are marked and run along mountain trails and roads of varying terrain. Participants will have to run along the most beautiful places of the Polar Ural: peaks of Pour-Keu and Rai-Iz, valleys of the river Sob, the foothills of Dinosaur, Jade Gorge and the glaciers of Romantics and Topographs, and also valleys of the river Paypudyn and Makaruss, will visit herders' camps and other inaccessible beauties of the Polar region.

At the end of the Polar Ultramarathon "TransUral" there is a closing ceremony with awarding of all sportsmen. The participants receive certificates and medals, and the winners receive cash certificates and sports equipment which will help them in their future training. Anyone of age 18+ is invited to take part in the races. You can apply on the website of the race