On September 10, in the village of Safonovka, Ivnyansky district, a branded event of the territory called "Pumpkin Paradise" will be held.

The pumpkin, as the hero of the occasion, was not chosen by chance - there is a legend that the pumpkin saved the villagers from starvation in 1893. Now this vegetable is very revered in the village and is grown in almost every farmstead.

"Pumpkin Paradise" is the only gastronomic festival in the region to promote the native Russian vegetable - pumpkin. The holiday is rich in an abundance of pumpkin dishes from appetizers to dessert, where only here you can taste the old Russian drink "Medy", which received the modern name "Tykvilla". Expositions of pumpkin exhibitions have been arranged, which are accompanied by traditional contests and competitions using pumpkins. At the festival, in addition to the concert program of amateur performances, spectators and participants of the event will be able to get acquainted with the works of local photography enthusiasts, taste a variety of dishes and drinks made from pumpkin. Everyone will be able to buy themed souvenirs, and children will be able to participate in game programs.

It will be fun, colorful, tasty and interesting!