Every year, at the sunset of summer, the "August Saviours" - Apple, Honey and Nut (Bread) are generously and deliciously celebrated in the Yalutorovsky prison. Honey and apple tastings are waiting for all guests of the holiday; master classes on cooking homemade jam and ritual baking, as well as making wax souvenirs; exhibition-fair "Siberian honey - all year round"; "Honey kiss" campaign; performance of creative teams, contests, auctions, folk amusements. All arriving guests are warmly welcomed by a Kind Beekeeper, Nut Lady, Bread Grandfather, The Hostess Is An Apple Tree. Together with the guests, they hold the custom of "Dining" and "Apple Tea drinking".

Every guest of the holiday will be able to visit the souvenir fair, take vivid photos, attend a creative master class. It will not do without gifts. We will give each guest of the holiday a jar of jam made from apples grown in the gardens of the Decembrist V. Tiesenhausen. The main characters of the holiday will also prepare a surprise for everyone. The beekeeper will treat everyone with honey, the Nut lady and the Bread Grandfather will prepare delicious vitamin tea. There will be a lot of tea, because we will flood our giant samovar with 250 liters! Yablonitsa will treat everyone with fragrant apples, delicious apple compote and apple pies. The feast of the Three Saviours always turns out to be very bright and hot.