On July 12, 2014, in the village Cossacks for the first time there took place the regional festival "Cossack Outpost". At once after its carrying out, on the basis of school, the first Cossack cadet troupe opened. The group of initiative citizens took the Cossack oath, on a descent the ataman was elected. The public organization stanitsa Cossack society the village "Cossack" was so formed. Stanichnik took active part in the organization of the next festival. And in 2015 the festival took place for the second time. In 2016 the festival, acquired the status of "interregional" and became three-day. The program of a festival included 2 nominations:

- "Sing, soul Cossack!" - the vocal program;

- "At the Cossack kurenya" - an exhibition of works of arts and crafts creativity and the presentation of the Cossack dish.

Preparation for a festival busy about 600 people. On a glade the whole etnostanitsa settled down. In 15 stylized huts, household items of Cossacks were collected. On the sports ground "Cossack boundary" the youth fought for a cup of the prince Andrey Zvenigorodsky. On July 17, in final day of a festival, bells on the temple rang honor of the Cossack married couple who were crowned by the prior. For "We reign a table", long about 70 meters, gathered numerous guests.

In 2017 the Cossack Outpost festival took place in absolutely new format. Holding a festival was preceded by huge preparatory work:

- the entrance group (watchtowers) is constructed;

- the obstacle course for sports meets "The Cossack boundary" is constructed;

- the auditorium with a canopy is built;

- are reconstructed Cossack kurenya to the Cossack yards (are enclosed with handmade wattle fences, houses with straw roofs, mills, wells, economic constructions, furnaces are built).

Besides, improvement of the festival platform is continued:

- "Kazachya Avenue" is put;

- one more bridge through the Homutets River is built;

- the platform for newlyweds "The island of happiness" on which the metal construction "Wedding rings" and an arbor for rest is put is equipped.

Within the Cossack Outpost festival in 2017 the field meeting of Council of atamans of TsKV CFD, a round table and a meeting with Cossack cadets took place.

The updated, various and interesting program was submitted to guests and participants of a festival. The dramatized opening of all festival platforms took place:

- an etnostanitsa "At the Cossack kurenya". In each yard participants of a festival showed to guests the thematic dramatized ceremonial picture, invited to participate in traditional Cossack games and entertainments, to try tasty traditional Cossack dishes. The ceremony "the Cossack wedding" was played in the village Veselyanskaya. In the farm Army - "farewell the Cossack on service", and in Blagoveschensky - met the Cossack from a campaign. The Cossack ceremony of "pillow" was presented by participants of a festival to guests in the farm of Homutovsky, and in New Cossack organized "a celebration of the first trousers".

The vocal competition "Sing, Soul Cossack!" in 2017 considerably expanded geography of participants. On the stage collectives and soloists from the Astrakhan, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, Tula, Kursk, Tambov, Voronezh regions, 6 areas of the Lipetsk region, the cities of Lipetsk, Yelets and the Yelets area replaced each other.

The new program was submitted by the Moscow men's folklore ensemble "Cossack Circle".

The performance of horse-racing club "Don Horses" (The Lipetsk region, of Liebiedian) became one of the brightest events of a festival. "The Cossack outpost" received a termless registration in the village Cossacks.