The guests of Tambov Egg Festival are welcomed by the symbols of the holiday “Cockerel” and “Egg” and taken to the playgrounds, trade fair and handicraft stalls. There one can take part in various master-classes, have a look at such installations as “The Tree of Wishes”, “The Egg”, “The Cockerel”, “The Mill”, and take pictures with tintamarresques. The strong and brave ones can challenge themselves in “egg” competitions and participate in the quest called “In Search of the Golden Egg”. At the festival, you can buy poultry as well as other products of poultry farming. The trade fair offers a wide range of home and textile goods, souvenirs and handicraft items. The chefs of the trade fair will surprise the guests with dishes cooked with eggs and a huge plate of fried eggs for anyone who would want to have a bite.