The festival symbols – Krasavchik the Rooster, Ko-Ko the Egg, and Jacqueline the Hen - will welcome the guests and treat with traditional and unusual egg dishes. Fried eggs and omelet are just starters. If you want to taste marbled, pickled, smoked eggs or eggs of unusual shapes, welcome to Kukarekino Festival.

You can’t imagine this festival without the huge dish of fried eggs. Experienced chefs are going to cook fried eggs with various flavors on the two open-air braziers. Besides the egg dishes, the food aisles also offer other yummy treats: pastry, coffee, meat dishes, sweets, and desserts.

Apart from the food section, the festival is ready to provide an entertainment program, themed areas, playgrounds, and contests for kids. Don’t forget to snap a photo in one of the photo areas of the festival. In the center of the square, there’s going to be a traditional egg tree installed. Everyone can decorate the tree with an egg and make a wish.

In the aisles of the Kukarekino fair one can shop for all the natural products of the farm, delicacies and, of course, eggs. There’s a wide selection of goods for home, knitted fabric, toys, and souvenirs. Just nearby you can find chicks for sale and farther in the gardening aisle – seeds, vegetable, flower, fruit, and berry seedlings.