Initially, the "Red Festival" was based on the idea that the Udmurts are one of the most "red-haired" nations in the world. From year to year the festival expanded, filled with new ideas and venues, and gradually became the new cultural brand of Izhevsk. The Red Festival is a festival of unusual, bright and creative events that form new urban cultural space, promotions, projects, festivals and competitions, interactive entertainment and workshops. They take place in city parks, Central Square, open areas near shopping malls, in different organizations of the city. The festival includes such events as: Flower Festival, Book festival "Read, Izhevsk!", Festival of first-graders "Give, five!", Fair of events "Festival of festivals", Open competition of vocal-instrumental bands and singers "Sing, Izhevsk!", Open festival "Carnival of professions", Fair of additional education, bike parade "The Red on wheels", Final events in the parks of the city.