A tilting doll is children’s one of the most favorite toys. Its production began in 1959 at the town-forming Kotovsk enterprise – Tambov gunpowder factory. Today Kotovsk dolls are a symbol of the town and a brand known all over Russia.

Tilting doll festival is a real day of creativity. An eventful holiday program will be interesting for both children and adults. Guests and citizens are invited to watch the festive costume procession along the streets of the town, performances of creative teams and entertainment program for children. The festival offers demonstration platforms, a shopping street, master classes, where you can learn how to make clay sculptures, paint gingerbreads or create your own unique doll. Anyone can try to make a unique bouquet, draw a picture on the water or have a go at modeling for a portrait, do some pottery and aerodesign, take part in a knitting master class, portrait painting, latte art and paper plastics. Animators and photo booths will add more positive vibes to your mood.

Tilting Doll Festival is not only a holiday for children. This toy can take any adult back to his or her carefree childhood full of simple and indestructible values – kindness, love and simplicity.