The name of the festival comes from the symbol of Uvarovo – a cherry tree. Uvarovo lands have always been famous for its cherry orchards. During the holidays, the symbol of the festival is not there only in the form of jam or fresh berries. The cherry theme will also follow the festive parade along the central street of the town accompanied by performances of creative bands. Young female participants are invited to take part in “Miss Cherry” pageant, master-classes of cherry jam making and other dishes involving cherry.

Guests will definitely enjoy walking along the shopping aisles and showrooms while being entertained by skomorokhs and barkers. Crafts aisles won’t let you feel bored as there you can make your own talisman doll or try your hand at the old weaver’s loom.

Photo areas are worth your attention. Art-objects “The Cherry Tree” and “The Young Lady with the Cherry and the Admirer” will make your photos memorable and fun.