Koptevo village is a homeland of the Russian writer, poet and playwright S.N. Sergeyev-Tsenski. This is the reason why the festival that brings literature, art and music fans together is held in this scenic place.

Guests are kindly invited to travel back in time. During the theatrical performance, the main character of the festival, the writer with his wife, is going to invite the guests to have a cup of tea in the open-air veranda. You can name the festival a literary picnic or a summer vernissage. Here, at different locations, you will definitely find something to your liking.

The festival includes master-classes in arts and crafts, classical music concerts, performances of folk and pop music bands, theatrical performances, etc. Children will be thrilled to play traditional games, ride horses, and take part in children’s entertainment programs. The essential part of the festival is a historical quest around the halls of Segeyev-Tsenski literary and music museum and sightseeing tours.

The “Visiting Tsenski” food area offers traditional dishes and delicacies cooked according to the modern recipes.

Moving from one interactive location to another, everyone can get a chance to feel the holiday atmosphere, breathe fresh air and forget about the city bustle for a while.