Pichayevo district has always been famous for its harvest. Rich soil and hard-working people are the key to a good harvest. The end of the harvest season has always been celebrated here in a big way. The Pichayevo Pumpkin Gastronomic Festival celebrates the end of the field works in a delicious way. It is a wonderful holiday and a good way to get rid of the autumn blues.

Since the festival is food-related, its guests will taste all kinds of pumpkin dishes: soups, pilau, pancakes, pies, porridges and juices, jam, candied fruit and caramel pumpkin. The organizers have prepared a cooking master-class program. About 510 kg of pumpkin porridge is going to be cooked in the main festival square.

Folk music bands will be performing during the festival while people will be indulging in tasty food. Fairy-tales and legends won’t be left out. The festival venue is going to be decorated with compositions made of seasonal vegetables, installations and pumpkin sculptures. Guests of the event will see the largest and most unusual pumpkin of the year. Another part of the festival is the contest for the best outfit and pumpkin hat.

The festival souvenirs are not only beautiful but yummy as well. The organizers have prepared tasty presents for all guests.

The festival is impossible without the fair where agricultural producers and owners of smallholdings offer their products. Themed photo area, sports ground and children’s rides are going to be available there too.

Guests are invited to go on a tour around the Pichayevo district visiting the church of the Holy Trinity, the village museum hall or Vernadsky Estate-Museum.