The Isker-Zhiyen festival is held in close proximity to Isker – the former capital of the Siberian khanate. The Aim of a festival is revival of national traditions and preservation of culture of the Siberian Tatars.

Soloists and national creative collectives from the cities of Russia and the

neighboring countries participate in a festival. The program of a festival include:

national compositions (folklore), masterpieces of classic and modern composers.

During a festival guests are offered to take part in the scientific and practical

conference devoted to the Siberian Tatars history and culture , in a public prayer

(hatym-ash) in honor of ancestors, in various national competitions (horse races, tatar national fight), to try dish of ethnic cuisine, to visit exposition of museum, to get acquainted with creativity of national handycrafts.

The top of a festival is final gala concert with participation of winners of a festival.