The Cake Festival welcomes all the pastry fans. Local chefs will introduce their best creations: classical large Russian cakes, pies cooked to order, opened and closed cakes with various fillings, fried and puff cookies, curd tarts and fish pies. Festival guests can taste the pastry and take part in cooking master-classes. Skomorokhs and barkers are going to greet guests and offer them some household items and souvenirs.

There’s not only food but entertainment as well! Little ones will love the theatrical program while older kids will definitely appreciate the rides, animators and face painting.

If you feel like sightseeing, welcome to the excursion to the church of the Mother of God and Rzhaksa Museum of Local History. Those with a sweet tooth will be interested in visiting the soda factory where they will see with their own eyes how the classical and pear-flavored soda are made using natural products.