Информация о мероприятии на английском языке As the largest Russian open-air museum, the Kizhi Museum is a key stakeholder in the field of domestic and international tourism, a leading partner of all-Russian and regional projects applicable to the cultural tourism.

When creating programs for guests and residents of the Republic of Karelia, much attention is paid to the gastronomic theme, which is a global trend in travel.

The museum offers interactive programs "The traditional cuisine of the peoples of Karelia" and "Visiting the Zaonezhie hostess", which are held in the historical village of Kizhi island in an old peasant house.

The programs immerse visitors in the cuisine of the Karelians, Vepsians and Zaonezhie people.

Fish has been and is the most important and traditional food of the population of Karelia. Thanks to fish abundunce, the local cuisine got its own flavor, and Karelia became widely known for its Pomorye and Karelian fish pies, fish soup, lohikeito soup, dried fish, “Karelian fish with a smell”, fried vendace, salted whitefish and other dishes, as well as the products of local fish processing industry and trout farms.

For many guests of Karelia, the Kizhi open-air often becomes a starting point for getting to know the local culture, so it is advisable to present fishing and local gastronomic “fish brands” in the format of a festival on Kizhi island.

In this regard, the museum plans to hold the Big Fish Festival dedicated to the Fisherman's Day, the fishing traditions, the fish cuisine and the traditional crafts related to fishing on July 08-10, 2022.

The partners and participants of the festival will be: residents of the villages of the Kizhi district and the settlements of the Medvezhyegorsk district (fishermen, traditional craftsmen; specialists on the traditional national cuisine of Karelians, Vepsians and Russians (Zaonezhie and Pomorye people); catering organizations with a fish / national menu: the Fregat Restaurant, the restaurant-museum “To eat in Karelia”, the Karelskaya Gornitsa restaurant, the restaurants of tourist and hotel complexes (Karjala Park, Ladoga Fjord, Karelia Spa Hotel), Koivu ethnocafe, etc.; the owners of guest houses in the Kizhi district which offer the food based on local traditions; representatives of the ethnocultural centers, the national museums of Karelia; representatives of the fishing and processing industry: Karelian manufacturers of fish products (KimKala, Karelian Fish Factories (trout, caviar), IE Fedorenko (trout, caviar), IE Detsko (vendace), Fish Trading Network LLC (sea fish), Fish Canned Goods and Preserves Shop “Fish Land” (vendace), trout farms (Association of Trout Breeders of Karelia), IE Koleda A.I. (“Priladozhye”), Fish of Karelia LLC (canned fish), etc. (the composition of participants and partners is specifying); Interregional Public Organization “Kila Federation” - experts in kila (a traditional Russian ball game), Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Sports Events Organization Center” - participants in sports events.

During the festival, 4 thematic zones with venues will be organized in the museum complex “Kizhi Harbor” on the southern tip of Kizhi island:

1. Presentation of fishery:

1.1. Venue “Traditional crafts for fishing”:

- “Fish netting”: the demonstration of weaving nets and making fish traps and other tackles,

- “Traditional boats”: the demonstration of the repair and the manufacture of traditional boats; the exhibition of various types of traditional boats and boats made using traditional materials.

- “Open Forge”: the demonstration of the manufacture of fishing tackle of iron in the museum forge; blacksmithing masterclasses.

1.2. “Fishing in Karelia”: photo exhibition of archival and modern photos.

1.3. "Kizhi achthyocenter": an eco-venue to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Kizhi skerries waters

2. Demonstration and tasting of “fish cuisine”:

2.1. Venue “Fish refectory”:

- tasting of fish dishes prepared according to traditional and modern recipes by specialists of the leading public catering organizations of Karelia; local residents-connoisseurs of traditional cuisine

- workshops

- “Kizhi fish soup” from the field kitchen.

3. “Fish Fair”: an exhibition-fair of products of fishing industry enterprises.

4. Interactive venue:

4.1. “Waiting for the Fisherman”: a musical and game program of the folklore and ethnographic ensemble of the Kizhi open-air museum

4.2. “Fish Riddles”: an educational venue for children

4.3. “Battle for the Kizhi fishing spots”: kila tournament.

On the eve of the festival, competitions are planned for the local residents: the best dish with fish, the best fishing tackle, a fisherman's storytelling contest.