The holiday gathers every two years more than 600 participants and about 5 thousand spectators in the Forest Fairy Tale camp near Krasny Chikoy.

Two days of "Semey circular" are incessant lingering songs, exciting dances, fun games and fervent evenings. For the first time, representatives of national diasporas living in the territory of the Trans-Baikal Territory (Armenians, Germans, Tatars, Bashkirs) participated in the festival. Representatives of the indigenous peoples of the region also come to visit the family: the delegation of the Tungokochensky district, representing the Evenki culture and the Buryat folklore ensemble "Etigel" from the settlement of Aginskoye.

A significant event of the festival in 2018 was the participation of the famous folklorist from Novosibirsk V.V. Asanov, who conducted training workshops and parties.

By right, the “pearl of Transbaikalia”, the “calling card of Chikoy” is called the oldest folk group from the village of Arkhangelskoye in the song of Chikoy land, which participated in the “Semey circular”, which turned 65 in 2018. It includes direct bearers of the unique culture of one of the most distinctive estates of the Russian people - Semeysky Old Believers.

The purpose of the festival is to preserve and popularize the traditional folk culture of Semey as part of the world cultural heritage, expand intercultural communication, promote interethnic and international cultural cooperation.

The Semeyskaya Circular Festival is a branded event for the Trans-Baikal Territory. The festival is recognizable in the region and beyond, from year to year it attracts new participants and guests from near and far abroad, from the regions of our country.