The Karelian word "Kalakunda" in translation means "a fish tribe". Thus, the inhabitants of the northern republic, in which there are more than 60 thousand lakes, possess the right to be named so.

International fish festival "Kalakunda" was carried out for the first time in 2002.

Karelia is a region of the Russian Federation with the original cultural traditions kept substantially and with the unique natural environment. In Karelia there are more than 60 thousand rivers and lakes. From time immemorial fishing was one of the basic crafts of our ancestors, and fish was the important product of life. For long years there were certain traditions, customs, crafts, and original ethnic culture. The fish festival is also conceived for preservation of significant cultural heritage.

The guests of the festival can taste fresh fish soup, buy every possible fish production of the Karelian enterprises and can even try good luck fishing in the river Lososinka, where the organizers of the holiday let out the artificially bred trout.